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What is Growth Origin?

Growth Origin is a podcast!

What do we talk about? We talk about pretty much everything. Hopefully interesting things that you’ve never heard before. Why would anyone want to listen to a podcast that talks about stuff they already know?

If I had to explain the podcast in one picture, it would be this picture..

collage fit

If you’re familiar with what many of those pictures represent, then this podcast might be for you!

Why should I listen to Podcasts?

Connect! Connect with strangers on a very deep and inspiring level.

Multitask. You can listen to Podcasts while you do just about anything: Driving, Jogging, Chores, Drawing, and even swimming if you have waterproof headphones.

Simplicity. Episodes are easy to download and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with web browsing capabilities.

Knowledge. Podcasts make you smarter! When you listen to smart people talk about interesting things, it tends to stick.

Best of all. Podcasts are free!

How can I subscribe?

Growth Origin has many feeds you can subscribe from. This makes subscribing as easy as clicking an app on your phone or going to a website and searching for “Growth Origin”. Take a look at the feeds you can find us on!

If you’re on a computer, we recommend listening on Stitcher or on the Episodes page.
If you’re on a phone, we recommend downloading the Podcast app if you have an Apple device, or the TuneIn app if you don’t.

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Check out our recent posts:

“Shout-outs” page is now up:

Listeners can now go to “GrowthOrigin.com/Sponsors” or go to the about section (/about) and click “Sponsors & Shout-out’s” to see all of the shout-out that were given in every episode; all on one page.
I figured a page like this would be much easier than scrolling through every episode page just to find one particular shout-out.

In the future I will likely make a “Challenges” page, showing all of the challenges given at the end of every episode. Both of these pages may eventually be moved out of the “about” section and onto the front page.